Industry involvement is a key element for the success of ELSO SWAC 2016. The occasion offers companies the
opportunity to become Sponsors of the 3rd Annual Conference, enabling them to raise the recognition of their
company while promoting endeavors. Please find various sponsorship options below, from which Sponsors may
select different elements up to the amount of their financial support. Sponsors can support an element individually
or – where possible, acceptable to all and appropriate – in combination with another Sponsor.


ELSO SWAC 2016 provides an exceptional environment dedicated to the exchange of the latest scientific research,
educational training and commercial intelligence in the fields of Extracorporeal support in respiratory and circulatory
failure. Presence at the Conference is an invaluable opportunity to introduce the audience to new developments
and products. Sponsorship gives you an excellent opportunity to promote your name, to support your brands and to
maintain a high profile among health professionals.



K.I.T. Group Middle East