Speakers Preview Zone
The Speaker Preview Room will be located near the Grand Lobby.
The room will be available for presentation uploading and final checks of presentation(s).
Presentation Uploading
Speakers are kindly requested to upload their presentation(s) at least two (2) hours before their session for final checks to ensure enough time to upload the presentation in the lecture halls. Using personal laptops or USBs to give presentations inside the lecture hall is not permitted. All presentations must be uploaded in the Speaker Preview Room. Kindly note presentations which are not uploaded in the Speaker Preview Room will not be projected on the screens in the lecture halls.
Presentation Formats
Videos that are to be played during a presentation should be in Windows Media Player format (wmv.).
Kindly make sure the videos are saved in the same folder as the PowerPoint presentation and the file names should include the slide number where it is played from (example: Slide 10 has two videos therefore the file name for the videos should be "Slide10v1" and "Slide10v2"). If you are using an Apple/Macintosh (Keynote) format for your presentation, kindly convert it to a PowerPoint presentation. Please note speakers are required to be present in the Speaker Preview Room when uploading Keynote presentations. Please ensure you have a back-up of your presentation(s) on a CD or USB Memory Stick. If required, please remember to bring speaker notes with you as it will not be provided by the Conference.
Staff in the Speaker Preview Room will be available to help moderators become familiar with the uploaded talks monitoring system. Moderators should control the time of each talk and ensure that their session runs smoothly. If a speaker fails to attend the session, the moderator should call for the next speaker and provide additional time for the Q&A or discussion.
Faculty Registration
Complimentary Registration for all Faculty members. Name badges can be picked up from the Speaker Preview Room.